2019 New York Marathon

2019 New York Marathon

The 2019 New York Marathon is a new challenge for Nicholas and me. This year I have been asked to help train Nicholas to complete the New York Marathon. Denis Tabakin the president of Achilles had arranged my first entry to the NYM in 2017 for this honour I had to pay it forward by finding another who also carries the TBI scar. I call this injury the invisible injury as there is no scar visible but for us the scar lies deep, deep within our brain.

Of late I have been extremely down lost in a world of nowhere. I have been in a world which I do not understand. A brain injury will never go away or heal completely it changes us it rewires us and although we are alive we are reminded of our injury each and every day.

I have missed several weeks at Headway which has hurt me terribly. Tina a therapist at Headway told me it is okay when I am ready I will return I feel am now ready to return. I do know I will fall again but I also know I will get up and fight. One of my sayings which I live to is;

I will fight harder I will love harder and I will live harder.

I need to now work harder on this inspirational saying of mine I need to allow it to once again motivate me to live in a more positive manner.

For me to get to New York I will once again need to raise funds to get there. Last time we made it to New York with the help of all the kind people around the world. Also Ange took out a loan to complete the shortfall. Follow our progress on my blog I have named or team (Nick and myself) TEAM NICKLEBACK. A small donation from many will be muchly appreciated. Our first goal is by the end of April we are still shortR13000-00.Click on the link below for donations.



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