My Broken Brain-My Book

My Broken Brain the Book

Last year august 2018 I thought my book was complete. I met with my dad’s friend Jerry for our final edit. I told him that I would like to launch it on the 1st of December. All good he says we are ready but due to the lack of funds I could not get it done it will have to wait until I can arrange funds to get it to the company that is going to print it.

Yesterday I remembered I have written a book I decide to open the file to see what it looks like. My lack of memory is still one of the most difficult areas of my injured brain. I can lose anything in a split second. This is okay when I start to read my book because to me I cannot remember even writing most of it. This is as if I am reading a new book…very strange indeed.

I get bored and skip to the end I then read the last three chapters. One of the chapters is named life now. I read it and realise that life now has changed dramatically for me since last year. There are many changes in my life and so much I feel I would like to add. I then begin to update this chapter I write and I write the entire day. Eventually the day turns to night Ange is now asleep I cannot sleep so I type and I type. The darkness then begins to fade away as the sun takes control. After ten o clock I am still  writing I am now happy with my additions. Shew that was an epic writing session I am still not tired. I recheck my additions and I am happy I have decided that this new paragraph will not be edited. I think it may be a good idea to show all how I do write maybe, maybe not but anyway it will stay this way. I am hoping I will sell more than a couple of copies this way I will get in some much needed cash. Mostly that I have achieved so much since I had my accident and now live with a brain injury (a TBI). Also I am excited that I will then be an author. My name will still remain Bevan not Arthur, ha, ha.

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