A Dream? A Man Crying in a Bar?

I Dreamed About a Man crying in a bar

As usual I am up early-very early the time is about 1H30 this morning I am up because a dream woke me which is odd as I don’t think I really dream anymore. Ange and I are sitting at a bar…weird yes but anyway I now need to find out if my dream has some sort of truth or meaning to it. Ange and I are sitting in a bar watching a cricket match. South Africa and Australia are playing at the Wanderers (the bull ring say the commentators).

The details of the actual cricket match are a mystery to me but I do know we won the match and there were extremely high scores involved and all sorts of world records broken. I now need to know the details of this cricket match this being the key to my dream (I am hoping it is a memory which has graced me). I then decide to call my professor the professor at the University of Life his name is Google. I have it! I find that it actually happened and I did watch it. Australia bat first and score a world record 434runs. A man did indeed tell all at the pub that if SA wins this match he will buy drinks the entire evening for all. Oops guess what happens he started crying as South Africa wins the match with the last man standing and one ball remaining.

Yes a fantastic moment in my life indeed as I have recalled a memory and it is not a dream. Now I have a problem why would I have a memory that it was Ange and I at the bar we hadn’t even met each other yet…or had we?

Well this cannot rest and I now become a mouse in its nest scratching and fiddling making noise. Trying to figure out the date we did actually meet. Eventually Ange is awake and stumbles into the kitchen where I am preparing some breakfast at 3AM! Babes she exclaims why? I then ask her when did we meet each other and were you with me in a bar when this historical cricket match took place?

Yes she says we were together, holy cow I shout out I am super impressed that these are facts and that I was with Ange that day. Ange is half asleep and sleep walks back to bed of course I will not sleep again so I write. I have started on another book so I will continue to write but first I have to continue on this post so that in a few days I can reread it and perhaps more memories will be retrieved from the deep, dark abyss.

Well today has not even started and I have been alive for thirteen years already okay the bits in-between aren’t there but who cares still I can now watch the beauty of yet another sunrise and live another day. I am the happiest man alive right now or the happiest mouse as his nest is now complete.

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