Adventures of Life

Adventures of Life

Life is an adventure or it is nothing!

During my time of recovery I have collected some thoughts which I have stored deep in my broken brain. These thoughts will remain as I refuse to let them be taken from me, taken to that dark place-the abyss.

Today I have once again decided to stay at home and not attend Headway. I told Ange this morning I do not wish to go. Ange sat beside me and wanted to know why. My answer to this was complicated and difficult to respond to because I did not have a positive answer in truth though I suddenly did not have an answer at all. I then realised Ange would like me to get to Headway as she can see the great results which I fail to see. I am too close to the forest and do not see the trees any more. She tries to assist in some way for me to be more positive. After our discussion I felt as if I had let her down, I had let her down but mostly I had let myself down. I then dressed and sat next to Ange in the passenger seat as she drove to work. I jumped out at the shop to purchase some goods.

I got out the car and watched as Ange drove away. Now I am alone, walk there I thought walk to Headway. I can get there it is only twenty kilometers which may seem a lengthy distance but for me it would be an adventure an adventure which I would enjoy. I then realised I had found my answer; school I am back at school and today I will not go to school I will bunk school and go on an adventure.

I do not purchase what I needed to as this shop is too expensive instead I will walk to Pick N Pay. I get to Pick N Pay and lose the urgency to now walk into a large store and straddle amongst the isles and the housewives. I will walk further and get to the shops later so I walk and I walk now I am happy and I feel excited. The weight of not going to Headway is still there but it is becoming lighter.

As I walk I am crossing newer intersections-ones I have not crossed before. This for me now is an adventure. One of my ambitions is to have walked across every intersection down every street that Ange drives. Up to now I am pretty much on target as we drive I say in my mind “ I have walked down this street, I have crossed that intersection and I feel good and I feel proud that I continue to walk and adventure out of the house before it swallows me up.

Eventually I get home and I am happy I have walked across many new intersections. My brain then opens up to me and tells me of my day so far. A simple saying walks carefully across the many intersections in my brain and stops at home. Home in my mind is where those thoughts appear and bless me with their presents. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE OR IT IS NOTHING. It certainly is allow yourself to be adventurous every so often in fact may every day of your life be an adventure even if it is driving home from work, just drive a different route and cross intersections which you have not crossed before. By doing this it will perhaps lift that heavy load of not doing what you should have done on this day. Try not to judge yourself too harshly as it is okay life goes on just try be a little adventurous.

Some of my other sayings are:

It’s never too late… until it is too late

When you think it’s getting too hard it’s never hard enough.

If you don’t start you can’t start.

Fight harder, love harder, live harder.




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