Lost and Found

Dear mom

Here is an update on my progress throughout the year as explained by my therapists at rehab this week. This is just a note for you to keep you informed of my mind-set or where I am.

I seem to have very little ability to actually think, i.e. I do not consciously know or wonder about general items, for example. I don’t think about my friends, what I will eat, what I will do, what is happening around me or other people I know, I am unaware that I have been at home for over a year, I constantly set and have reminders, such as notes saying when you wake up do the following: Call mom, eat, brush teeth, bath, don’t cook, don’t cut, don’t walk out the complex, tell your neighbor (she works from home) I am walking. Only if there is a trigger like my phone rings and it shows a name, for instance Ange calling, I know this is my wife when Ange starts talking, a lot of memory then comes back about her and I seem to hold a normal conversation. Once I have done an item on the list I cross it off. My main trigger to my memory are sounds otherwise there is not much at all.

My rehab have given me a daily schedule the reason for this is to make me think, if I can start thinking I can start feeling feelings. Here is an example of the list.

Wake up and dress – Geyser on, tea, pour Ange a bath

Ange leaves for work she will be back later

Get ready for the day, eat breakfast

Clean kitchen, Rest

Work in garden, Rest

Guitar, rest, Homework, rest

Etc. Etc. Each task is in 30 min. Or 1 hr. Intervals, I keep this schedule close to me if I don’t I just do whatever as I cannot think about anything. Ange constantly calls me to see if I am ok or what I am doing, if I don’t answer by the third ring she is in her car on her way to me. and has also called the security to check on me a.s.a.p.

The neuron surgeon and therapists have discovered I have damaged all four segments of my brain which is very bad. Apparently I shouldn’t be able to do the following simple tasks too well: Think, Walk, talk, see, taste smell, balance, swallow, feel, identify people. The list goes on and they work on selected items each week. They are amazed at my progress and find me fascinating.

My medical aid will cover me until year end (they have been ordered to by law) from then on they will not extend my cover.  Ange is trying to raise money for next year so I can continue in rehab as they are quite excited I will make further recovery with further care. I will let you know of our plan if there is one as all our funds have too been taken to the abyss.

All my love






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