Good to Meet You Nkosi

Good To Meet You Nkosi

Tuesday I met a man-a good man, a stranger. Nkosi is a Taxify driver I am out the house for a walk to just quieten my swirling mind. Just up the road I bump into a couple of parked vehicles I know they are waiting for a call. I wave to them and greet the two of them in my best Zulu Nkosi a large man waves and greets me back. I have now come to a cross road do I stay and talk or do I continue on my journey to nowhere and back which would be a three hour or so stroll possibly thirty KM or so. True to who I am I cannot resist meeting them and just enjoying a moment. I stay and we talk Nkosi has three kids and is married he tells me he is short R150-00 to reach his target he has set himself. Well I just happen to have that in my man bag so I give Nkosi the last of my money and ask if that will get me to builders Hardware and back. Sweet and we are off.

Whilst on our journey we talk and talk or let me be clear I generally talk and Nkosi listens. I believe I have been blessed with a new found gift that of not being able to shut up. All that reads this are now puzzled how Bevan can think that non-stop talking is a gift. True I do manage to often talk a glass eyeball to sleep but I also manage to say what is on my mind which not many can do. Many times I am sitting in a crowd and as I tell an individual what a load of hogwash he is saying he gets real annoyed and disappears in a huff. After he has left all the other folk that are actually friends or work colleges thank me for saying what I did as not one of them could.

Whilst I drive with Nkosi he talks proudly of his two kids and his wife who he loves to the end of the earth. I do believe he could feel comfortable in talking openly to me and I believe he just needed a person who he could talk proudly to about his family. Our journey comes to an end and we go our separate ways.

This is not the end of this story as I meet his two kids, Sabelo and Andele the following day. Wow I feel blesses they look at me with great wonder and the need to listen to this chatter box whitey. I also now understand how Nkosi spoke proudly of them as they are strong and proud, they also are extremely respectful.

Well done Nkosi on raising two amazing boys. Good to know you.


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