Time for a Braai

Time for a Braai

Saturday afternoon it’s an awesome day I have been for a walk and now I feel like just parking off and enjoying a braai oh and a braai must be shared with a Zamalek or two. For those that do not know what a braai or a Zamalek is it is a Barbecue and a black label beer South African style. I’m sure Anges brother will be jealous but at least he can read this post and perhaps feel like starting a fire of his own and just chilling.

I have bought some meat-a rump steak and some good old South African Boeri worse and three beers not my usual ‘bombs’ which are quarts (750ml) but 340ml bottles. Ange is resting watching a movie and I now sit watching the sun move across the clear sky. Nicole if you do read this I am sure you also feel the need for a braai. Well get Tony’s ass in gear and tell him to start a fire that is if it is not raining in England…or snowing.

The last time I had a braai it was a small disaster I just forgot I was braaing and I burned the shit out of everything I tried to cook. Today though will be different I know it will because I am sitting right in front of the fire with no distractions.  Unless the three beers sends me off to Mars which is a great possibility as I already feel the first has already gotten me to the launch pad.

I have a brain injury so life for me has changed somewhat actually most of my past has gone been taken to the abyss. Yes life for me has changed but it is not a bad thing in fact it is a great thing. I can relearn to braai and get a great reward when people eat the cooked meats braaied and tell me how great the day was and how good I had cooked all the food.

Okay so today it is just my Ange and myself but I know if I do a good job whilst cooking Ange will be happy with the result she will say I did a great job so for me that is all good. Swish goes the spray of that second ice cold beer the sun seems to have not moved much which doesn’t matter this just means I am enjoying the quiet time sitting here listening to the onions and potatoes cooking in their blanket of foil. I’m sure it also smells real good as all braai’s do, well that smell for me has too been taken to the Abyss. I can just try imagining how it smells which is also just fine for me as I am alive and I feel good today I feel and I feel strong, also I think I feel the Zamalek knocking upon my still mind.. I love life I just love being alive.



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