Dissapointed Yes Sad Definitely

Disappointed Yes…Sad Defiantly

Today started as an ordinary Wednesday would, up early and off to Headway Ange will drop me there and head off to her office. Today is no ordinary Wednesday though I did not go inside alone as Ange and I had a meeting with Christine.

‘It’s just a catch up meeting babes don’t stress’.

Don’t stress! If a bird flies differently I tend to stress, don’t stress? It’s early, we are basically alone I am told to just wait as Christine would like to speak to Ange alone first…don’t stress!!! Oh damn so I walk to the kitchen and I make a cup of tea. Many moments later I am called into the office as I sit I am Bowled middle stump from the first delivery!

Ange is down and sad strait away I become sad and extremely worried what have I done now. We talk and the conversation turns into a nightmare-a continuous nightmare of mine that of failure and the inability to settle in life after my accident. My greatest fear is that I just become too difficult for Ange and eventually be placed into the loony bin.

In truth that is just a nightmare I know I have issues and most of my issues can be mended I just have to continue getting the help I need such as spending my Wednesday at Headway. Headway has the ability to make us strong so that we can function better in the real world this way we place less  and less stress on our loved ones shoulders as time goes by.

We finish up with the meeting and Ange seems to have once again been relieved of the heavy weight placed unintentionally on her shoulders by me. The team at Headway is always there for us always working so hard to help the broken and the ones closest to the broken. I kiss Ange as she heads off for work and I walk back into Headway. As I walk I think of our time spent in Christine’s office. I realise once again that a brain injury affects those closest to us so much more than what it does the injured. How sad this injury is and how it has the ability to knock a person down in a split second.

I do know that I am doing much better in life after that sad day but still I am so disappointed in me it hurts so very much.


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