New Marathon 2019


New York Marathon 2019

I start writing this post and I date the above as 2015 I have no idea at the time it is actually 2019. Something starts to bother me though I just cannot work it out. After making a cup of coffee, some breakfast, feeding the cats and standing in my veggie garden enjoying the dark, cool morning              (which will be here in a few hours). You think darkness, how can one enjoy the darkness? Perhaps it was the darkness which saved my life…Perhaps. After my accident I always enjoy the darkness the darkness just before the sun shows its first rays.

Well the fact is that I am alive and as I look with joy into the cool morning sky I hear the sound of my breath flowing out from my lungs. This amazing sound is one of the small parts of us which we take for granted. For me it just means I am alive and I do now know that I will once again enjoy another Monday morning. As I sit down to write and reread what I have written-a heading I see what has been silently bothering me as I enjoyed the darkness. It is the date 2015 the year which I lay silently on the side of the road as the sun began to set and so the darkness would engulf my thoughts and surround broken brain in silence.

I also realise that it will be at three in the morning that Nick and I along with our guides will step onto the bus which shall take us to Stratton Island where our marathon shall begin some six hours later. Once we get to Stratton Island we are shown to the disabled tent where we meet all the other disabled runners. This is where we wait until the moment we get shown to the start along with the rest of the fifty five thousand runners. We will finish the marathon as the sun sets or just after and once again be part of the darkness as we run and stumble through the bright day.

Long before this happens my wife and I need to raise the money to get there and back to pay for the many expenses which occur before and after this epic event. We need to raise funds as I still cannot work and a great percent of my wife’s salary is supporting me and my TBI.  The most difficult part of my marathon will not be running the 42,2km it will be trying to raise the money needed.

I do know we will do it we did it once before and we can do it again. As I complete this post I see the sun is starting to chase away the darkness. It will soon be bright as the skies light up allowing us to realise that we are truly alive. The sound of the air filling my lungs is a welcomed sound so much better than never hearing that sound ever again.

Help my mission a donation of just R100-00 rand from many of my friends and the people I know will get me there. I can then complete my mission in paying it forward by getting Nick there and allowing him to also achieve this goal to once again show all that a TBI is just an injury not a death sentence.


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