So Excited

So Excited

Today is the Headway annual golf day I will be part of Anton’s team or Karen’s team Anton’s better half, Karen sponsors the day for us. As usual I am sitting alone in the lounge it’s just after one in the morning… again I feel like a twelve year old off on his first outing.

Today though I haven an excuse I get to play golf let’s hope all goes well. The last time I played my first shot of the day I hit the ball off the first tee and managed to hit a guy in the nuts, my first shot what an entrance.

Today is special though this day is to raise the much needed funds for Headway. The other exciting piece is that I have been asked to speak which I love to do. This time around I have written a speech but in truth I do know that once I start that preparation would have left the building and so once again I will just have to ‘wing it’. I also will get a chance to sell my beads.

I do know that all will be just fine I will make my wife proud and I have the opportunity to get a word in for that amazing place which keeps me grounded.

I do hope we all have an amazing day and also that I do not wound anyone this time round. Its okay Brian and his amazing wife Robin will be there to keep an eye.

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