Once Again… Grrr

Once again…Grrr

So once again for the umpteenth time Ange has another weekend of stress and difficulties. This from as I call it the invisible injury-TBI. Ange has had a difficult week in the office her weekend should be calming and enjoyable.

I have tried to be kind, quiet and without issues but…yes I still have very little compassion and understanding. I have been better in the way I approach or handle certain problematic issues such as being quiet in the early hours of the morning, the very early hours of the morning some five hours before the sun will rise. These early hours of the morning especially the Monday mornings are important Ange needs her rest before another difficult week will challenge her and be testing.

This week I have not taken my chronic medication which stabilizes my moods and calms me down. Ange has not reminded me each morning to take my medication which is attached to the bathroom mirror. She has purposely done this so that I can try to do it myself to become more independent and be more responsible. As I write this post I start to remember all the difficult situations I have put her through but there are so many I cannot even count them.

There is a positive to my erratic behavior I have taken my medication this morning. I also now realise that I do have many moments which land on the one person’s shoulders which shouldn’t. There are many more such as my short term memory bringing back little pieces which occurred just moments ago. Well very little actually I still have not called my kiddies to say hi in many days.

I am positive and I do know I will eventually become better I hope though it will not be too late. A great event which will be good for Ange is that this week we will be having our annual golf day for Headway Ange can enjoy a day out and be with the many people who are also in her position and they will bring hope and give support.

Well as I now sit here I see the light has broken through the darkness and our two kitty cats have once again walked back into the lounge to sit next to me. I blew up this morning and chased them out for no reason at all making such a noise. Ange ran into the lounge her eyes as wide as a deer caught in front of a speeding car shaking and afraid at what I have done.

I am once again so sorry my Angie perhaps this week will be better I do know that Headway once again will come to the rescue. Enjoy the day on Wednesday my love I will try to take my medication and therefore become silent and quiet bringing you the rest you need.

I love you Ange.





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