New York Marathon 2019

New York Marathon 2019

It’s one in the morning I am sitting quietly at my work bench busy on my new project, a special project for a friend a beaded tree-the tree of life. Suddenly the silence breaks with a call from my love Ange who should be asleep. ‘Please come here quick’ I rush over what’s it Ange I say. Ange shows me her phone it’s a message notifying her of the amazing news I will be running the 2019 NY marathon!

In 2017 when I was given an entry the president of the South African Achilles running club Denis Tabakin says to me that when I come home with a medal I will have to pay it forward. Okay I say what does that mean? I will have to find another person that also carries the TBI scar, help them to train and get them over the finish line.

Okay Denis I say not a problem. I get home with a victory smile and a big medal around my neck which I refuse to take off… until one day I have lost it. Ange asked me many, many times to put it in a safe place before it gets lost. Of course I wouldn’t do that I won’t lose it and besides I say I will wear it for a year just because I can. I have recently found it and it now sits in a safe place on my trophy table.

After we get back and can breathe again my quest starts to find another TBI survivor who will be able to complete the NY marathon. I was confident I would find someone able and up to the challenge after all I do go to two different rehabilitation centers and I attend bio kinetics with Justin who specializes in spinal and brain injury well how hard could it really be I thought. I search and I search I get many interested people and I see that they would be able to complete it but they are not ready and in truth I know they will not climb this mountain.

After a while I become disappointed TBI is a difficult injury it knocks all those down even those which stand right beside the injured the ones that care day after day for us. In fact it is those caregivers which give the most and hurt the most. This was part of the problem in finding someone for the marathon there are just so many variables involved it is just so difficult for a TBI survivor.

One night we are at a HFC meeting (TBI support group) when a 36yr man is asked to talk about his fight after he was knocked over by a bus when he was eight. Nickolas stands up and talks of his journey as he speaks I start to cry. In my life I have never ever met such an amazing man a man with so much positive energy and so much love in his heart. I then realise without speaking to him that I have found my man. Soon Nicholas and Bevan will fly home from the USA proudly wearing a NYM medal. Team NICKELBACK

Firstly though the hard work now begins that is to raise the money to get us there and back. I will start a Backabuddy account and start my fundraising drive and I know with the help of many we will do this.


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