Always There Just Invisible

Always There Just Invisible

I often talk of my injury as the ‘invisible injury’. The injury no one can see after some time spent with that particular injured person soon cracks will appear the cracks that run deep and long show their now visible scar that great gruesome scar.

Once that scar appears  to others that have no knowledge of the day which would change lives forever they become concerned or worried or afraid as someone once asked my wife said “its 9am why is your husband drunk.” Now he has just woken up the sleeping dragon and so Ange becomes sad she spurts out unintentional flames of a response my husband has a brain injury! This response is not an attack it is just how it is-once again the sad part of my injury it is my wife which this injury has hit the hardest.

This story is not about the sad poor Bevan which wears the scar and all his complaints and blah, blah, blah it is about the lighter side of my injury. When two people fall in love and spend more than a century together or in my case a few years according to my memory they then become connected in the strangest ways. We pick up habits and subconsciously we live our lives being influenced by their better half.

I have many strange parts to me which have been injected into my blood stream from that day. I do the most stupid and crazy stuff. Ange will always laugh and ask me do I know what I have just done or said? So this morning Ange is telling me a story that I ran to the kitchen almost asleep and told her the stove was on and I had to turn it of this was obviously a dream. As Ange tells me the story she now adds sound effects of how I quickly ran…doof, doof, doof. I then sit up and laugh and laugh Ange is confused when I tell her that she has just done exactly what I do when I talk I add sound effects. It is crazy to think that Ange is subconsciously now doing the things I do without a brain injury. I guess it is the close bond and the deep love we share.

I am truly blessed to have Ange in my life I know that many who do fall to the invisible injury are left alone, alone to live their lives in a dark place-their broken brains.


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