And so as the brightness fades the darkness now sets in to take over the warm flame. That warm glow fades into the darkness it has now completed the cycle and reunites with the rest of the embers to once again become one. The flame disappears and so it starts a new journey the fire which we once knew as life seems to have disappeared but it cannot disappear for it is full of energy and spirit.

Once the mighty warm flame turns to ashes it rises up high, high out of site it climbs and as it climbs it starts to sparkle and glisten shining bright once again and so life returns. We do not know or understand what our spirit shall become but we believe in whatever we want to whatever we have taken from our time here perhaps our faith or our thoughts.

I have my own thoughts I have my own understanding of life after this one. I have my beliefs but that is for a later stage in my life. For now and long into my future I shall not ponder and waste energy on when my ashes shall glow again I just know they will never truly die. This is my life and I shall live it well.

From the moment we are born we are guided by our parents, they teach us and try their best to guide us we get an education we are taught about life all the good and bad what to do how to gain knowledge etc. My time spent growing and becoming wise has been taken from me so what now I ask how do I relearn all those lessons how do I?

Thinking too much of what I have lost will do me no good similar to that of the flame before the beginning there is an end. I shall leave those thoughts where they are I will not become sad and worried over something I have no control over. I shall put all that energy into the moment I am alive and that will make me strong. When I do fault and make a mistake I will try learn the lesson and so continue on my journey my current journey.

I will live in the now I am happy and strong as I am ALIVE.

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