Our Beautiful Felix

Goodbye Felix

The last three years Ange and me have had to get through the passing of many close to us. My dear mom left us after many weeks in ICU she tried her best to get better but lost her fight. The same year a good family friend Derek suddenly left. Last year Anges dad Julian lost a long battle, last to leave was our beautiful cat Felix.

One of the effects from my brain injury are lost emotions, sadness being one of the greatest. I did not understand the passing of my mom and Derek there were no emotions, no sadness, no tears. the day after Julian left i felt sadness i started to cry. For me one of the greatest things Julian taught me was that of sadness it may seem odd and strange for me to say this but it is a great gift he gave to me.

This year we had to put Felix out of his pain he could no longer eat or walk. On the day we placed him on that table i burst out the tears ran and ran i sobbed my heart out. I cried not only for the loss of him but mostly i cried for my beautiful Ange. Ange and Felix were so close Felix would only sleep on her chest for 12 years this was his place Ange was his love. Felix had never been a touchy cat before Ange and i met he was always distant and would only sleep at the end of Keegan’s bed. But the day he moved with us he found his life partner.Felix was Anges love they were extremely close.

I find it truly amazing how a pet can become so involved in ones life. They find the most deepest part inside ones heart and they do not leave until they are gone. Now for many weeks after he has left us Ange cries herself to sleep she does this as her close friend has gone and she sleeps alone.

I too have been sad and feel there is now a missing piece in our lives. All i can do is comfort my beautiful Ange. I do know that after time the pain will fade but we will always miss him.

Goodbye Felix you have left us with a blank space but as life is we must all leave at some point to continue on our journey. Sorry for this difficult time Ange and thank you Felix for bringing so much to our lives.we will truly miss you.






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2 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Felix

  1. A beautiful tribute to the special connections we form in life. Miss you Bevan. Please give Ange a long slow hug.

    • Hi Tina thank you for that. Sorry for the late reply. I do read my comments, i do get lost in the spam so i often give up too early.

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