In My Life

In My Life

Years ago I was a different man never really knowing where to go or how to get there. Before that day of my accident I had lost my love for the construction industry I was irritated and often did not think about important decisions I made. Important decisions which would affect others close to me. I was a hard worker I did enjoy my trade but I got lost in a clouded mind.

I have always lived my life as best as I could trying to make the most of time, actually now as I write I realise I tried too much-ignoring the small bits which in my mind now are the most important. The little bits which put together create the big picture without these your picture will be a blur. After many weeks I woke from a coma lost and confused I had little memory of who I was or the people in my life. After many weeks I started to understand the new me Ange and friends regularly spoke to me about the Bevan before that difficult day.

In the accident I severely injured my brain which left me with a TBI it had to rewire itself for my survival. As I lay in a coma by brain started to repair the areas damaged but for it to be able to heal and function again it had to delete many parts of me. It said farewell to the old Bevan and now introduced me to the new man a strong man a calm and peaceful man. I accepted this man even with a TBI I know I will be just fine. One of my sayings; live harder, fight harder, love harder.

I am privileged to now live as a different man I have been given a gift the greatest gift of all that of life. My lost memories do not worry me they have gone I cannot bring them back so now I create new memories, great meaningful memories.

In my life I have cheated death I have spoken live on radio been written about in a major magazine, inspired many in talks. I have written a book run the New York Marathon cycled the 94,7 race, helped many up who have themselves gotten lost in their journey. I am now living my life the way I should have a long time ago. I now think about those important decisions before making a mistake so why should I complain I have no reason to in anyway.

The next chapter in my life is raising awareness for brain injury I think I will call it Bevans TBI awareness program. There are a few sections to my plans; How to treat a brain injured person after their accident, how easy it is to injure your brain, the difficulties for the family or caregiver… there are more many more parts to my idea. So why do I want to do this of all things, well because; I can and I will-I will because I want to. I love life and to my amazing Ange

In my life…I love you more

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