Stop Think Talk

Stop Think Talk

Stop, think, talk…um okay sure. One of the phrases my therapists at my first rehabilitation centre have been trying to drum into my head. Lying here at 4am writing this post these few words sounds great and so simple but for me it is a problem, a difficult problem.

Ange has been trying to get through the passing of her dad which has been difficult for her. Not only sorting out his issues which by the way are an extremely huge mountain for her to climb. Also that she has to guide me in life as I just keep dropping the ball. Now Ange must collect it from wherever it may land and usually it has rolled into a dark place or down a cliff.

Back to the phrase stop, think, talk so Ange and I are once again heading home from a long and difficult day at her dads house trying to sort out the many issues which arise. In the car I start talking I am trying to help and give a small bit of my advice-bad move as now I cannot think before I talk I have one idea in my head but as I talk everything just rolls off my tongue wrong. As the words fall out they become more and more confusing. In my mind I did have a great thought but after a while there is no thought to the words I choose and once again I become the dark, grey mountain which Ange must now clime before she can even get to her own to overcome.

I told Ange that I do not want or I felt that I don’t need to be at Headway anymore. After Ange then sat me down and spoke to me I realised she was right I do need to go and I will go for however long it takes. I will do this not for Ange I will do it for me. I will do it not because I have to because I want to. Yesterday or more like a couple of days ago I received a call from my good friend Brian. Brian called to say hi but I do know why he called I only got it at about three this morning. Brian cares for me he is a good man that goes out of his way to help others. I think he read my previous blog and wanted to check on me just to see that I am okay.

Well to my beautiful Ange and Brian thank you so very much I will be at Headway next Wednesday and the following Wednesday and all the Wednesdays I can.

I can because I will and I will because I want to.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Think Talk

  1. Bevan you WILL go to Headway!! You are a part of Headway, and we all miss you when you are not there. Besides, it gives you a chance to have a change of scenery, change of faces, conversations, and catch up with friends.
    Ange also knows you are “safe”at Headway, so she can relax a little too.
    So NO backing out!!
    love you both xxxx

    • We love you guys too keep Brian on his toes. I am back at rehab i miss all there so much.

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