New York Marathon 2019?

New York Marathon 2019?

March 2017 I was asked to compete in the New York Marathon I was given this opportunity by my bio kinesis Justin who is part of Achilles South Africa he had approached Denis Tabakin telling him that he had found a likely person that would benefit from this great event.

Denis is the president of Achilles South Africa he is the man that decides on who will become the next person to get this great opportunity. Achilles is the largest disabled running club in the world which I am now a member of.

So Bevan says Denis we will get you to the NYM but for this there are a few items you will have to do to be able to achieve this. Denis tells me of the mountain Ange and I will have to climb before we can get there and before I can achieve this grueling but amazing goal. At the time our greatest task was to raise funds to get us there we manage to achieve this it was close but through the help of others we do it.

The one task I would have to do is not really a task but in my eyes an opportunity or actually a privilege. I will have to select another person that too carries the TBI  scar and train them so that they too can complete the marathon. I was delighted by this offer which Denis had asked of me (to pay it forward he said) I took it up. Now for me to try find a person capable of completing the marathon was extremely difficult. I searched and searched and asked many but was unable to get that candidate until one day I was in a HFC discussion when a young man stood up and spoke of his injury the one which struck him down when he was a young boy. Nick did not dwell on that difficult day for too long-the one which would change his and his family’s lives forever but on the amazing achievements which he would do for him to now find himself and to be able to grow, get strong and show the world that he is in fact not just “normal’ but so much stronger than those around him.

During Nicks talk I shed many tears and I just knew that this young man is the man I had been looking for this man was the man which I would get to New York so that he would be able to achieve something which so many could and will not be able to achieve.

This morning Denis calls and we sit to discuss the possibility that this year Nick and myself get to NY for the marathon. Denis has already spoken to Nick and his amazing mom and dad to see if they are able to achieve this also for Denis to see if Nick is in fact a candidate. Yes says Denis Nick is capable and the wheels have now been set in motion. I will be training Nick for the marathon if we are given the go-ahead which we will only know for certain in the near future.

Wow I now think there is a glimmer which shines brightly from the NY skyline what an honor it will be for this to happen. As I sit here writing I see a picture in my mind of Nick and I crossing the finish line in NY together.

Nick if you read this blog I have a sneaky feeling that you should get your running shoes on and be ready to swear a lot at me for pushing you so hard during your training. Just know that when you do cross that finish line all the hard work would have been well worth it.

I do now have to just relax and not get ahead of myself once we have been given the entry and the announcement has been made that we will indeed be going then I can celebrate. Still though I am so excited.


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