Time and the River

Time and the River

Quietly the soft, clear river shall as always flow gently and gracefully into the large, blue ocean. As always the great clock of life shall tick over some may call the great clock of life father time. Whichever one refers to time passing in life it does not really matter as it happens we cannot stop it and in any way why should we. As we grow so we become wiser and should enjoy the joys of our life.

A great saying I know of as it hangs on the wall next to our front door. “it is a privilege to grow old which is denied by many”. I have of late been stuck in a difficult place I do understand it is because of Anges dad, Jules heading off to his next port-of-call leaving the loved ones behind sad and grieving. I now for the first time living my second chance in life understand death and the sad feelings which accompany it. This is not my sadness it is that of my wife fighting through this time. To see Ange sad is sad for me and it wears me down.

Now there is a great storm brewing high in the mountains, the birthplace of the quiet, peaceful river. Kaboom sounds the loud thunderous clouds and as the rains pour down so strikes great bright lightning bolts down against the high trees knocking them to the ground where quietly they shall lie and soon become food for others to grow and live on.

The quiet river is soon filled and the banks burst but soon after the great currents and turmoil rush through quiet shall once again return. Once the quiet returns so shall all the growth which lies against the banks. We cannot be sad and allow this event to destroy our thoughts of the quiet river as this is life. We need to get over that destructive time and allow the changes to set in appreciate that the storm is over and learn from it. As we rebuild the home which stood too close to the banks of the beautiful river we shall now learn from the history of previous, similar times and also listen to the advice given before the storm hit by others.

As I must now do; get over the turmoil and try to not allow the moment to destroy future time not live day to day in a hole get out and enjoy  father times gift-that of life. Father time shall not go away so I will live each day enjoying it. Moments before my time comes to an end I shall look back and enjoy those memories of my past. I shall not be that large house which stands too close to the deceiving river. I am being rebuilt further away from the bank and live long. I will give and help others which have been broken down I shall allow others to look at me and see beauty so they may too enjoy their life to look at me and think, their long life, their second chance. I shall continue to get my amazing wife strong again so she too cannot allow the great clock of life to tick, tick away in sadness but in happiness.

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