Silence is Golden but Too Much is Scary

The Magnificent Silence

A warm wind gently blows across the treetops, rustling its branches and so once again bringing life back to the silence. That silence which surrounded me, that silence which tried to take me from that difficult moment which I found myself in-the quiet silence. Although there were voices and chatter after the beginning plenty voices orders and commands-do this do that keep him alive. An ambulance is on the way. These were the words from the man which took control of the accident scene my accident. There would be many more noises, voices and sirens also the chop, chop, chop of the blades from the medivac helicopter which would get me to a place where I could heal. The noises which surrounded me at that time were for me silenced as I had faded and left to travel to my own destination.

The scary chit-chatter would not last long for me and would soon come to an end come to end and so the silence would return it would return for many weeks many, many weeks as I lay deep in a coma. I guess that magnificent silence was the key to my survival it was necessary for my broken brain to heal. I did heal but that silence was scary not for me but for others those who would sit at my side day after day, night after night.

I will once again choose the silence over the crying and talking of worried voices which rustled through my still mind. Those which continued to plead with me to wake, just wake that is all I ask. These were the words my beautiful Ange whispered to me as I lay deep asleep in another world.

I now sit amongst the rustling trees and instead of hearing noises from the creaking branches and rustling of the leaves I hear silence a beautiful silence the magnificent silence. I hear the silence but it will not be there for too long it is there just for a short moment as I clear my mind. Now though I choose the noise not that scary noise but the beautiful sounds of life. I choose this as I am alive and well so as I lay down to sleep next to Ange I hear her silence the silence of her sleeping quietly. This silence is magnificent.

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