A Great Man


Ange and I had been seeing each other for a while; it’s now time to meet Julian-her dad. Ange has told me about her father and how being on the border in a war had changed him, made him hard. Don’t worry babes Ang says he is just protective of me and just because he does not show any emotions all will be just fine-oh and he is a biker so don’t be scared of him. It will be a quick hello as my dad doesn’t sit around and chat says Ange.

Ange and I sit at the restaurant Ange is nervous I can feel her tension. Jules is late so Ange is becoming really nervous. Suddenly the silence is broken by this powerful sound of his bike he’s here says Ange. She speedily stands and rushes to the toilet where she throws up. Oh no I think I am in serious trouble. Now I need a ciggie and double rum.

I am sitting facing the entrance Jules walks in; oops I think he has the proper biker look just harder and rougher. Just then his face lights up as he walks towards me I turn and Ange is here that’s better.

The Waiter walks past I order Ange a drink a double red heart for me and I ask Julian what he would like to drink. Same as you he says, awesome I think we drink the same off to a good start. Jules grabs an ashtray oh great he smokes I reach into my pocket and pull out my box of Camels simultaneously he pulls out his box of ciggies what a box of Camel! We look at each other and I see his heart bears a smile his face is still as hard as stone though.

We start talking and get to know each other. We were both in the army awesome we order another round Ange is now quiet as she allows us to connect. I tell him I am no angel I failed in standard six at Sandringham high and was then sent to John Orr Tech where the only thing I learned was how to fight. Jules laughs as he calls the waiter 4 double rums he says and he laughs. He then says to me he was also in Sandringham that’s not all he then tells me he was also sent to John Orr.

Gee wizz we are now both laughing. I then think this tough emotionless man is sitting with his daughter’s boyfriend and laughing a moment ago he told me as he sat down that if I hurt his daughter in any way he will hurt me in a real bad way. We sit for many hours drinking and talking loudly to each other. Ange is happy and now at ease.

Before Ange met me she had not spent too much time with her dad but now we are at his home often braaing till late into the evening listing to loud awesome music. Ange cannot shout at me and tell me it’s getting late come babes we must go. We are at her dad enjoying a good time…again. We certainly had good times together braaing or at his favourite pub him and his daughter catching up on lost times and enjoying each other together.

A few months ago we get a call from Lesley, les stays with him and takes good care of him.(Jules has Scleroderma and his body is fading) Ange and I get there in a flash I call Clint and he gets an ambulance. Ange convinces her dad to please get to the hospital. He is admitted and is there for a while he is not good and now battles to recognise people except Ange. I stay in the passage when we visit as I don’t want to crowd the two of them. Jules’s first words to Ange are where Bevan is.

When I started making bracelets one of the first I made was for Julian I also gave him my TBI rubber band to keep.

Last night we get the devastating call Julian has passed! Noooooo Ange and I get there as fast as possible Ange walks into his room crying she is broken. I walk in after a while Jules is lying peacefully in his bed. After a while Ange picks up two items from his side table which is pulled right at his bed she turns to me and shows me it’s the bead bracelet and the TBI band I gave him.

Ange told me a while ago that since we have been together he tells her after each phone call how much he loves her which he could not do after he came back from the army. I know Ange and her dad were so very close and I know they were blessed to have spent so many great times together.

Jules I know you are now at peace and do not hurt any more. Thank you for bringing that awesome smile to Ange and giving her so much love that she needed so much.

Be strong my love just know I am right there at your side.

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