African Wild Dog

African wild dog

Tina is one of our special therapists at Headway; Tina goes out of her way to look after each member of our group. At year end she gives each one of us a Christmas present this year she gave us an interesting piece to keep in our home. Underneath lies a message relating in her understanding of our character to that of an animal. Tina asked me to please write a blog about her message, Google the Animal she says. I felt proud of her comparison as the African Wild dog is one of my favourite wild animals. Before I looked up its character I used my own thoughts of this amazing animal.

So here is my understanding; Their pack is led and looked after by a female-the matriarch, they work together looking after each one even when one is injured they do not discard the broken keeping it safe and secure similar to me, I am proud of each one of us each member of the pack look after the young they will not give up when on a hunt becoming the most successful hunters in Africa.

Well I can tell all of the true known facts but that will fill this blog if interested you can Google these facts. I was pretty close in my understanding in any way. Two facts which I really knew about them was that they do not discard the injured and remain proud of them. The pack is indeed lead by a female as to so are we, we are led by Tina a great and strong matriarch.

More facts about them are interesting but I will accept these two facts which I feel are relevant to me I am proud of all of us and try my best to uplift their spirits not giving up on the injured look after them the best I can.

Thank you so very much Tina for all the hard work you do for us you are a true leader. I will continue the best I can to uplift each one of us I do this as I cannot give up. Our TBI is just that an injury although the most difficult injury but we are still great and we are alive and well.




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