What a Great Time

Drakensig Parsons

The five of us my two kids Camryn, Keegan Nicole’s daughter her boyfriend (Darth Vader’s son Luke) and me leave Gauteng we head to our family farm in the Lowveld South Africa-the African bush. We will enjoy a few days with my dad a family reunion. The name of our farm Drakensig directly translated to English means Drakensburg view. Keegan will have the honour to drive us safely from our home in the Highveld Gauteng to our destination five odd hours. I am not allowed to drive for some unknown reason but I will sit in front and keep him awake with my constant blah, blah, blah. We reach the end of the Highveld and now need to drive through the long tunnel. Once through the tunnel on the other side we see the beautiful Lowveld down below stretching for many, many kilometers.

At some point in Keegans life whilst still young I started a tradition that for the first time visiting the Lowveld one would have to walk alone through the Strydom tunnel. Now Katy and Luke Skywalker will follow the tradition and do the ‘walk’. All goes well and after an hour we arrive at Drakensig.

Time seems to slow down here I guess it could be the silence in a way, it calms the soul and allows one to enjoy nature. Everyone is relaxed Keegan and me enjoy a few beers together, I try to sneak in a cigarette without Camryn looking but I am unable to get this right Cammy is too sharp and is watching. I think I have succeeded and I walk from the braai to the loo. A couple of minutes later I am back at the soothing fire I reach for my hidden ciggy but it is gone! Cammy is still sneakily watching and bursts out in laughter she has tossed it in the fire. Well this is fine Cammy is now happy and for me that is how it should be everyone is happy. This afternoon we will be going for a game drive where hopefully we will come upon one or two of the big five.

Katy it is so great to have you travel from England to spend time here I really hope we do see just one of the big five then perhaps your time here will end with a roar or maybe a scare from an ellie.

And so now I cannot connect via my hotspot connection so this post will have to wait…GRRRRRRRR!

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