Exactly as it Should Be

Exactly How it Should Be

Early this morning-very early I was up cleaning our home just making sure everything is nice and tidy so when Ange wakes and relaxes for the day she can feel comfortable. I would be on my way to our farm with my kiddies, my Niece and her boyfriend. They have come from England to visit. We are going to spend a week with my dad in the bush.

I am so excited almost as if I am twelve or so and we are off on our December holiday. I clean and I clean, I notice the light gradually streaming freely in through the open door. This for me is a great feeling soon now my son will call and say;

”Hi dad we are here”

No call yet I check the time..noooooo it’s only seven o clock. They will be here just after nine wow I think, this is going to be a long wait. Soon I am bouncing off the walls I have mopped the floor for the umpteenth time, cleaned everything and more.

Ange wakes and we sit in the lounge I have crazy feelings-sadness that I will be away from Ange for a week but also excitement that I will be off with my kiddies to visit my dad. A moment later Ange’s phone rings-its Liezel we will not leave today but tomorrow. In a split second those feelings are reversed I am happy as now I can spend an extra day with the love of my life but I am sad that we will not be leaving today.

Well everything is just fine it is a great day and its Sunday this way I can relax with Ange. Who knows perhaps something would have gone wrong on our journey or if I had left today Ange would have felt real lonely.

I think for a moment and I say to myself this is exactly how it should be and besides I get to relive that exciting moment…I get to relive that December holiday trip.


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