Bleed Until you Die

Bleed  Till You Die

A short fictional story for those bookworms, over 18 only please, swearing and violence.

The silence of a cold night disappeared slow and steady becoming louder and louder as the night grew longer for Michele. Starting once again as the sun began to set this was when Michele returned from a long, long day at the office. Brad shouted and screamed at his sister. Every swear word one can imagination came violently from his mouth as he tried to cut his sister down. The screams started once his sister would try to ask him to stop with the drugs. Mish would notice he was high as soon as she arrived home and lay eyes on her brother, she loved him dearly and tried her utmost to break his bad habit. Screaming and belittling her was his only form of defense. In the morning as Mish would wake the noise and violent screams would continue.

Brad had not slept at all for he was drugged up…again. Cocaine was his drug of choice but there would soon become many, every drug out there. Once the coke would enter his system so would come the alcohol and vicious verbal attacks. This erratic behavior lasted for a couple years, bad years it would stop for a day or three once Brads body craved sleep. Once sleep had silenced the craving it would start again. Off to his dealer in the center of town the south end-the bad end.

Money for Brad’s addiction was not a problem as his parents were killed in an accident a couple of years before his introduction to this devastating way of life. They had left a fortune in their will leaving all to the brother and sister. Michele was similar to her father a worker, the want and need for that adrenaline rush was embedded in her. Brad had inherited his moms genes, Debbie would not work as she was an alcoholic. Debbie craved alcohol most probably as she was always left alone because of her husband Phillips need to work keeping long office hours.

The two kids now in their forties had decided to move back into their parent’s home after the accident-a small and cosy home in the country a few miles from the town in Denver Colorado where the family had grown up. The family was close and bonded. The need for Brads want for cocaine was quite unusual he was never a drinker as his mom was. Although brad did not drink too often he was also not the best at keeping a job he would float from job to job. Brad was a selfish man that could not work well with a boss-any boss. Perhaps it was his disapproval of his father keeping long hours away from his mom.

Eventually Mish packed up her trying to calm her brother and his addiction. Mish thought it was now time for her to understand the cocaine habit of her brother. She arrived home early one afternoon now this day instead of trying to negotiate with Brad she approached him with confidence and told him.

‘Right Brad I want some of what you have, show me, show me now.’

‘Sweet I new you would eventually come round.’

‘Here sit your ass down.’

Mish sat down at the lounge table, Brad disappeared to his room for a moment and came back holding a plate-a warm plate which he had previously heated up on the stove.

Okay said Brad as he divided the cocaine into a couple of lines. Brad then pulled out a note a hundred dollar bill. He snorted in one of the lines-the larger one his eyes then wondered into the back of his now wasted mind. Right now snort the line as he pushed the warm plate over to his sister don’t worry he said you going to love it. Mish lent down and snorted deep she lifted her head, a few seconds later the rush of dreams and excitement filled her mind. Fuck she screamed out this is incredible wow!

To be continued.

A little snippet of the story-Mish would become engulfed in this new way of life her brother Brad would stop his addiction to save his now addicted sister. A sad story of deception and lies follows as brad fights the hardest battle of his life to try save his sister. He would lose the battle he thought, not knowing this as he would disappear into another world. By him escaping to this new world it would actually bring a light to his sister and would save her.

Please note this story is fictional it is part of my second book.



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