They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down

A hundred dominoes are stacked together in a line, with a tiny nudge one is toppled over to start a falling formation. They now cannot be stopped and so they all fall down in sequence clickidy click, clickidy click.

I often fall down but as I fall it is not the sound of falling dominoes which rings out around me it is the sound of whatever is in my path. A few days ago I had a moment of clear thought as I stood in our lounge I noticed a number of items which would lead to my down fall. I thought to myself I have to clear these obstacles before they lead to that familiar clickidy click sound.

That clear thought did not last long as usual compliments of my broken brain-one of the down sides to my brain injury my at times five second memory. So this morning I am cleaning the lounge and I notice the extension cord just waiting for me to reveal it’s true power. Well as usual I will remove it later but I don’t and so as the cord lay in wait so did that moment…clickidy click, clickidy click they all fall down beads, books, plates, cups you name it.

As I now sit and write this post I laugh to myself whilst I laugh I wonder if I will ever be able to complete that thought which I know will bring trouble in the future. I do not know if I will ever be able to get back what I have lost from the accident. I do hope so but if it does not come back it is okay as I do manage to complete many tasks which I set out to do.

Life could be far more difficult for me in any way so I do not complain I just have to look on the lighter side of life and say to myself laugh it off Bevan it will pass. Also clean up this mess before Ange gets home that way all looks good and there are no memories of the fall… unless there is a trip to the doctor for more stitches.

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