We Ride as One

We Ride as One

The video which sits below the words is another TNT moment I can keep close to me. As I watch it I am feeling proud and humbled. Yes I fell to a brain injury-I fell hard. As I fell it was not only my life which would change forever it was the life of my amazing wife. I say this as it is Ange that takes care of me; it is extremely difficult for her to get up in the morning to have to get to work and face another difficult day in the office. Once that long, hard day at the office is done it is home to her broken husband where she has to compromise and give up that relaxing few hours before sleep to get me comfortable.

Along came a man-a great man, a man that gives up so much for others Justin Jefferies. Justin started the TNT trust so that he can help others that struggle to get up, I am one of those that he helps. From running the New York Marathon to cycling across Johannesburg Justin has been the one that has done all this for me.

The love for me of being part of the trust is larger than that of cycling and running it is all the people involved within it, it is all the ones that like Justin give and give. As we sat after one of our training sessions I got talking to another Bio Kinetics professional I asked her so if you have a practice why then are you here part of Justin’s origination? She replied that this trust helps so many it does so much more than just helping the broken it helps her to understand more of life and of friendship.

Ange has an extra support structure in Justin’s set up both in his practice and the trust and for this I am truly grateful. As I watch and see the many videos and pics taken in the race I feel great and proud, I feel strong and I feel surrounded by strength. This is helping me to become stronger and stronger.

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