Victory Belongs to TNT

Victory Belongs to TNT

Sunday would be an almighty mountain I would have to climb Lauren and I took to the Johannesburg streets to complete the ninety odd kilometre cycle challenge in forty degree heat on a tandem. I had to relearn how to cycle as the loss of my long term memory has taken care of my understanding of how to actually cycle due my brain injury, this I did during our practice but not amongst twenty five thousand other cyclists. All would be okay Lauren tells me as we will be cycling as a team and there are 180 of us they will all help get us to our destination.

I am feeling safe and relaxed as we all get ready to start but there is a problem Lauren and I do not start with the rest we wait for the other tandem to arrive Sia is riding that tandem and we cannot leave him alone there. There goes my team cycling off into the sweltering heat eventually they disappear. I do not feel good anymore and now my broken brain starts playing up on me shouting and screaming I start to break myself down. Lauren and my Ange eventually calm me down and tell me everything will be okay. Half an hour later we get to the street my mountain has just risen through the clouds-the dark clouds. Lauren and I have to now catch up with the rest so that we can all complete the race together as a team. We push and we push I look down and close my eyes you can do this Bevan I keep telling myself as I push to my limits. After a while I am feeling extremely sore but I feel good and safe as Jiten has not left our side. The three of us are on a mission that is to catch up to our team before the finish line shows its face.

We pass the halfway point and up ahead I see the familiar and awesome colors and the bold letters of our cycling kit…TNT. We have done it we have caught our team mates! The rest of the race is a breeze as we are now cycling as a strong team. Suddenly on the horizon I see that bold blue finish beacon we all cross the finish line strong and safe.

Once again I was faced with a more difficult challenge than expected but I do know that my life now is always going to be challenging so I managed to get up and do what needed to be done. I must say that a better sight of the finish line was seeing my beautiful Ange waiting for me at our final destination. I could now sit with her and we could hold each other tight…and share an ice cold beer.

Thank you Justin and all the members of the TNT trust for giving Ange and I a place-a family.


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