Wow Moment

Wow Moment

We all have what some call a wow moment…I had a wow moment today thanks to Tina’s class at Headway.

Ange and I are up early to get to PTA for another evaluation but without joy, we were back home at nine. The three odd hour trip through the masses of people evacuating Pretoria and Johannesburg simultaneously was horrendous. It will now have to be done once again tomorrow as I was the reason we left without even getting to our appointment in the first place. Yes I try and try just to help out but sometimes I feel the more I try to help the worse I make life for my amazing Ange.

Well we get home and Ange gently tells me how Headway is so important for me and she will drop me there. I am tired and my battery is flat the morning has already been a blow out for me so I am sad and extremely disappointed. Well I do not argue too much as I have missed out a week already and I do enjoy being part of class and just being able to speak and see friends for me is great.

The lesson I miss the most is that of Tina’s class, Tina has a way about her which makes so much sense to me. Perhaps it is because she has real life experience of a head injury that of her son not sure but for me it is a healthy part of my life. My mom has passed on so I look up to Tina not as a mom but as a similar pillar of strength as she understands my injury.  My mom never got it she used to say well you are so much better now next month you may not need rehab. Two years later I need rehab more.

Well back to my WOW moment this was when we are talking to the living legend that is Tebogo. He is young and just as all of us has a brain injury we keep on telling him what he SHOULD DO. A few minutes after all of us once again are telling him to get out of his negative mind set and do everything that we think he should do he stops us. From his heart with an immense amount of emotion begins to speak, softly he says you do not know how I am feeling and I will eventually get over this so please stop telling me this and that.

Thank you Tebs I learned a great lesson today as everyone tells me what I should do and I cannot stand that. Now I will try think carefully before I tell him what to do. Headway rules.


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