Into the Wasteland

Into the Wasteland

And so once again I wonder into the wasteland…slipping, sliding without warning it comes closer and closer. I look back I see my world, a good world the light fading as the darkness becomes overpowering. Is it me that has become dark or is it the world around me which has allowed my strength to be weakened? Has the wasteland now overtaken my true fighting spirit? The place which I vowed to never ever let go of has without warning become distant and lost… Has it?

I now realise as I step out from the final ray of light that I did not fight hard enough to keep the light strong around me I failed to keep to my promise. To make a promise to another is easy to break as there are many variables which we may have not considered. To break a promise to one ’s  self is destructive and painful it is difficult to get back.

Now though it is too late for I am in the wasteland and so as I go further and further in I now forget about the beautiful light so the darkness becomes my home. I shall wonder here for an eternity perhaps and in so doing waste the great life I had promised myself to have without even knowing it.

The above words I have written could have been my journey my journey after my accident but I have in fact not wondered into that scary destructive wasteland. I have run and I am speedily cycling further into brighter light. Why did I avoid the wasteland… how as it is so easy to wonder out from light we do this without knowledge we just do.

Deep down I do know why it is because as I lay deep, deep in another world I kept to my promise that I would not let myself down I could not because if I did this I would be letting go of my amazing family the ones that actually kept me alive the ones that I love dearly.

Now I find even greater light as I move forward I find myself surrounded by great strong people who themselves have fought hard to keep the darkness away. TNT is part of that light it is a family-my family it is a place that gives and gives a strong place a bright place and I am proud to be part of the TNT family I also know that with this family behind me I will do great things and I will help many to step out of that destructive wasteland.

I will live harder, fight harder and love harder I will keep the strong light around me this light shall break the darkness into infinite amounts of sparkling gifts which shall be handed out to whom-ever needs it.

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