My Amazing Family

My TnT Family

People that give out whatever it be freely with no reward in return expected or wanted. This would perhaps be an easy way to describe the amazing souls which support and are involved with the TnT trust foundation.

Ange has been through a most heavy week so I told her I will get to our training for the 94.7 race on my own, I’m sure Justin can make a plan I say. I call Justin to ask if he can please help, no problem don’t worry he says I am sure there is someone that can help I will ask all on the Watts up group. A short moment flies by and Justin lets me know all is good JC Le Roux will collect you at six tomorrow morning. Wow I think that took no time at all it is as if I just asked my brother to help as I was in a spot of bother and he was there in an instant not asking why bla, bla, he was just there.

This is partly why I say my TnT family because it is just that a family-my family. On the way to our training J C Le Roux and I talk or mostly I talk and he drives but I felt so comfortable as if we are close and know each other for half our lives. In truth I do not actually know this man…but I do know him I must know him I certainly trust him and for me right at that moment that is good. After he tells me that we have indeed met several times at the Rehearsals I laugh but as I laugh I know that I am safe.  I certainly know the trust formed by Justin is one of the most beautiful aspects of my life right now.

Thank you Justin and all of you special people that hand out such great acceptance for all of us that need this so much. All I have to say now is bring on that around the block cycle race the TnT team is going to knock that flat! Watch us you will see the strongest people enjoying life when all seems broken.

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