Going Home

Going Home

Tomorrow early Ange and I will pack the final bits and pieces, load up the car and we are off. We will be moving back to the place where we first moved in together a happy place. We cannot wait it is as if there is a massive weight unloading from Anges shoulders.

Ange and I took two trips today to Riverglades to unload some small bits also to check on the unit if the painting etc. has been completed. We are ecstatic new wooden floors, new kitchen, cupboards and so much more a brand new start for us.

We did try living together in a house Ange and her mom bought together but it has not worked out. Hard work and just too much for Ange for which I am sorry I guess my TBI is real difficult for others. Ange has just been stuck in the middle between her mom and I. Tomorrow we will leave the uptight neighbors the speeding cars and the issues behind. We will be back in an awesome tranquil surrounding where everyone knows their neighbors. If we need take-away we can order room service from the Italian restaurant or the clubhouse. Milk etc. from the small supermarket we can swim in one of the four pools I can practice my golf; play tennis walk through many trails without leaving the expansive indigenous gardens…the list goes on. I can cook for Ange and myself, go to sleep with no issues wake up and not have to walk across the house to shower. More than all this we are safe and do not have to sleep with one eye open in fear of being burgled which is typical in South Africa.

I know we will be happy and I know that Ange can now rest without the extra hard work and issues. This is good for us a new start at the right time.


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