I Can and I will I will Because I Want To

I Can and I Will I Will Because I Want To

A few weeks ago my good friend Roxy suggested that her mom could help me make some beaded bracelets. Sure I said that would be great not even thinking that putting these together is quite a task. How hard could it be though I think? I have lost most of my coordination through my accident compliments of my TBI.

Ester gives Roxy a box full of odd beads some tools and some advice on what to purchase etc. Okay I will try it out I do not work and I am at home all day so this can bring my wandering, lost mind some excitement and joy. Ange drives me to a Chinese outlet to purchase what I need to start. I sit at the table after a difficult half an hour I have proudly manufactured one odd looking bracelet. I stand up and I stare at my completed work. I am proud I have successfully kept my wandering mind busy I can do this. Many, many hours later I have completed enough to hand out to my friends at Headway. I will be there tomorrow and I will give them all a gift for it is my birthday and on my special day I will be handing out the presents.

Many weeks later I have brought in my first one hundred rand. Wow I have found a way I can perhaps now sell these and bring in an income… maybe. I get to bio with Justin Jefferies and hand out more of my artwork. Suddenly I am just about in tears as Justin gives me an order for his trust TnT to make one hundred odd more. Justin would not do this if he felt they weren’t up to standard now I know I can and I will.

Now I get up early and I work I can now make a bracelet in less than five minutes and Ange tells me they are really great. Anything is possible; I am possible, now I am driven to make amazing artwork. I love keeping busy and in the near future I will evolve and make amazing jewelry. Watch me do this watch this disabled person become agreat jeweler.


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