The Little Bits

The Little Bits

I just had an amazing week there have been so many high moments which have brought back joy and pleasure. The first started when Ange showed me the electronic copy of my article in Modern Athlete. Wow I thought as I shed a tear that is me featured on this popular Magazine-on the cover!

The week got better when I held the magazine in my hand and read the two page article. I still cannot believe that I was able to complete the New York marathon and now sitting here I read about this broken man that stands up and continues to fight harder. That evening Ange brings home a gift for me a rugby ball with Bryan Habana’s signature on it with a message; Dear Bevan you are possible and so inspirational, Wow!

Thursday evening Ange and I get to HFC which is a support group for the whole family of those who have suffered from a brain injury. We get there and I notice a young man sitting with his mom and Tina. I know they are new and I see the sadness upon this young man’s face. I don’t feel shame poor guy I feel that this man needs another injured man to just sit next to him and perhaps give him a bit of strength so that he too can conquer this invisible beast. Next thing I know I am right beside him chatting away as usual with no filter. I did not even think that I had now interfered with Tina and the words of strength she was handing out as she does unconditionally. Any way I notice at some stage Tina is gone this is just fine I think as Tina knows me and she would have stopped me on the spot.

I continue to talk to him and his mom and to me it felt as if it was Anton talking to me the first time I traveled on that scary road and how he gave me the strength and courage to return. I talk and I talk we have a break and once back I approach them again. I feel this man needs more of my words as I can see he is still in that dark, scary place. After a while I notice a bright light appear the one is his mom I see in her eyes that a weight is about to be released from her now weakened shoulders. The other is there but it is dim and I realise I need to chase the darkness far away and allow that light to shine through. I continue and I strike hard-this may seem shameful but in truth it is just that…the truth. Eventually before the sad boy cries the light breaks through and shines bright he gets it he realises that he is not alone and that he should return to Headway where there are many friends and where there is now a place where he will fit right in. I really hope my words got through and he indeed returns if he does not for a while I shall hound Tina to pull her magic to get him back again even if it is just for one day then he can see that this is indeed a good place for him-a safe place.

The best part of my week was yet to come. Towards the end I turn and notice my amazing wife laughing and smiling I now feel so much happiness and I see the heavy weight lift from her shoulders that for me was most definitely the highlight of the week.

Remember to not forget about the little bits as these small pieces complete the puzzle.



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