From Brain Injury to the New York Marathon

From Brain Injury to the New York Marathon

Headline of an article on the front cover of Modern Athlete. Ange and I are laying on our couch, she turns to me with the most amazing smile on her face “look babes” she shows me the article. Holy cow I say I cannot believe this has actually happened. A month ago I was interviewed telephonically about my journey to the New York Marathon which Justin had arranged.

I could not actually believe this has become a reality I say this as I had previously been interviewed by the Citizen newspaper. The article never found its way to the paper though but this one has. When Justin told me he had arranged an interview I thought I would be part of an interview for his Bio practice. Telling all about the great work he is doing for the injured (spinal and brain injuries). I had assumed it would be a few lines about one of his attendees. Well two pages later it turned out it was about my journey.

I still cannot believe this it just seems surreal, me on the cover of a runner’s magazine no way… how and why. Well says Ange you actually did run the New York marathon and you finished with a medal, you did it you ran all 42.2km. Oh and don’t forget you are disabled and you are an inspiration to others so in my eyes you deserve this.

I cry because to me this is an amazing accomplishment and I now realise and understand that I have done well. My dream is to help others in which-ever way I can that have fallen to this injury up or to just give them hope. To give them hope that if I could then they can also achieve anything they set their mind to.

Thank you so very much to Justin Jefferies and his TNT trust you are an amazing person.

I can and I will and I will because I want to.

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