Enjoy What You Are Doing it is Important.

Enjoy Your Work and You Shall Never Work a Day in Your Life

Today started with a frown… I had finished a certain colour of my beads yesterday. Now I must get more not tomorrow today. Okay early up and off I go I cannot drive so I shall walk to the Chinese mall across the road from Eastgate. Not too far twenty odd kilometers there and back sweet and I leave. I get to the mall and the shop is not open yet I had misjudged the time it would take for me to get there.

I sit or more like lay down in the sun and I wait and I wait. I have no patience to sit around and wait so I walk, walk here walk there I am now a lost fart in a perfume shop. Eventually the shop opens and I collect what I need I get to the till to pay………fuck, fuck fuckedy fuck, fuck I knew it I have left my money at home. Jees Bevan I think now I must walk home get my cash and return. No way I think to myself I will do this so I start to negotiate with the shop owner who is Chinese this will be like selling ice to an Eskimo.

Sold!!! I have done it I sell many blocks of ice to this rugged Eskimo I will be back tomorrow or the next day to pay I say. I get home and I continue to work as I work I notice the birds fluttering around wow what an amazing day. I have now cut my time to make one bracelet down by ten minutes I am a machine I am now self-employed I can work. I then realise that my work I am doing is so rewarding it feels as if I am not actually working. Is this because that if you love what you do you are not actually working but enjoying life I really believe this.



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