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Trojan Neurological Trust

Shown proudly on our cycling gear: TnT. I am truly glad for this as it takes me a great thought process to get the word Neurological out. Only after many many attempts in my mind do I get it right, well after practicing silently to myself do I get the confidence to allow it to leave my mouth. Once I have approached whoever it is to tell them what TnT stands for and all the practicing I have done then once I try well all the practicing is now gone and I blubber out some version of it.

This does not bother me as I am proud to be a part of the trust. I am one of the trusts’ beneficiaries I am one of the injured without them I cannot get the care I need. For myself it is my family it a place where I feel safe and strong it is a part of me. Justin Jefferies has given so much not only to me but to all of us who have fallen to spinal and brain injury.

I do know I will be just fine if I did not get my Bio sessions at Justin but my life would be so different. A few weeks ago Justin walks to be and hands me my cycling shirt he tells me that I will be part of the TnT team to cycle in the 94.7 cycle race. Ja right I say me on a bicycle I don’t think so I have no memory of ever riding a bicycle how will I ever be able to cycle in an event. Well the rest is history after three weeks and over one hundred kilometers I ride a tandem with my New York Marathon guide Lauren Reimers. At 25 kilometers per hour I now know I can because Justin told me I can.

And now as I write this post Justin talks in the background I am confused but as I look up I see him on our TV helping another to walk talking as he does strong and proud. Wow what a great man.

Thank you Justin and to the trust for giving me a family which I am now part of.

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