Back to the Start

Back To Where I Started

It has taken six months or so for Ange to win the umpteenth battle against our medical aid (Di……y) to get me back to the rehabilitation which I need. I first started here some six months after being released from hospital (the first battle we lost) which should have been straight after my release I am now back for a few sessions.

So I walk into the reception and announce I am here I am back Lyn sits behind her desk and with an amazing smile stands up and gives me a hug. It feels good to be back, to see familiar faces but I only recognise one face the rest are now new to me. Perhaps they have healed and do not need the therapy any more. I then notice a man sitting quietly but as I sit I notice this man is not shaken by my loud announcement of myself he seems interested in what I have to say. We talk and we talk I really enjoy listening to his story it is inspiring, this man is strong he is a survivor- a warrior like I am. Our stories are different but they have a common bond we both evaded death. We stood up and fought hard we would not be destroyed we fought our hardest battle for our very survival.

Eventually Julian and I must part ways. With a handshake and a smile we go our ways. The next week I am back at rehab and there I see a familiar face it is Julian and he is wearing his great inviting smile. I sit down next to him and for the first time in a while it didn’t take three months to remember his name. It is really nice to sit next to a familiar face and just say what-ever it is we are thinking and also that the person next to me is not tiptoeing around to not hurt me, see you soon Julian enjoy.


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