Next Challenge-Life

Next Challenge-Life

The 94.7 cycle race in Johannesburg is a popular event on the annual calendar. Thousands of professional and amateur cyclist’s cycle 94.7 km through Joburg I will be one of those pushing to get to that checker flag. As far as I know I have never cycled in a competitive race before, well in fact I have no memory of ever sitting on a bicycle but I know I have as I have seen pics of my youth. It’s okay as I have Lauren to guide me I will be cycling tandem with her.

Justin Jefferies is my Bio Kinetics’ Justin works hard each week to get me strong. I see this man working to help others he seems to have no end to all the help he gives out unconditionally. Justin has given me so much I cannot thank him enough and now a new challenge lies ahead. Through his trust (TNT) he supports me in my bio lessons as I cannot.

Saturday we head to our training area out at the Cradle where there are plenty of open roads. We get to the venue and I am taken aback by all the people who are there to guide us on our 30km route. All the cyclists here today are part of his trust they help to support me and all the spinal and brain injured that cannot support themselves that attend his practice.

The time arrives and Lauren and I mount the ‘beast’ to set off. For starters due to my brain injury my balance is should we say not too hot. Now I have to cycle on a tandem oh no poor Lauren she must be stressed out. Lauren knows that one more knock to my head will probably be my demise I sense stress and caution. After a few wobbles all goes well we get back safe and celebrate Yee Haa winner winner chicken dinner

This post in not about me trying to complete the challenge as I do know I will it is about what Justin does for others. I would like to thank you so very much Justin (Ice Bear) without you in my life I would not be the man I am now. Oh and Lauren don’t stress too much we will be just fine and if we do fall Jiten will be right there to catch us I hope…


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