Sooooo Excited

Soooooo Excited

Early this morning-very early I rolled from bed, stumbled to our lounge bounced from wall to wall knocking down everything hung or that was gently placed yesterday before me. I then fell against my bead work bench sending my neatly packed boxes of beads across the room as if they were pieces of golden nuggets spread across a desert. I then neatly landed in my cat’s bowls of food and milk sending this to wherever a wall stood (and the fridge which has now a film of sour milk spread all over it).

This morning before the sun rose I awoke from my side of our bed (again) and snuck out of the room so that my wife can get all the rest she needs as today is Monday and I know for Ange it is going to be a difficult day. I walked into our small lounge and saw the mess which looked as if a tornado had found its way through our part of the world spreading havoc as it went. My ventures of the early morning then came to me so I started the clean-up operation. 2 hrs later things were back to normal and all looks good now I have to go out through the rest of the house to check on the damage.

This house is far too big for my liking. For me to get to the loo in the early hours is such a mission it is as if I am setting off on a new adventure across to where ever it may be. Soon we will be going back to our small community in Riverglades, back to our cosy home. Riverglades was one of the first complexes built in Fourways, it has spacious apartments with plenty of established trees and rustic garden paths. There is a clubhouse, a pizzeria, grocery store, garden service, four swimming pools; tennis courts a place for me to practice my golf, braai areas and so much more. Mostly though I can get to wonder around safely in a closed off area and visit all the great people that live there. Neighbors without walls and no fucking barking dogs!

I cannot wait to get out of this place where Ange and I can relax in peace without a distraction every thought of the day. This morning as the day became lighter I got a sense of joy which has not left me for a while now. Amazing how there is always a positive lying ahead in the road before us. Where the current road we are now on has turned to the pot holed disaster when we initially thought it was the neatly tarred road to travel. I always see a positive in a negative it brings me joy and gives me a good feeling. My life is great and I will not allow shitty moments to bring me down.


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