I Am Happy

I Am Happy

Today is a great day to be alive. In Jhb we have just had the first rains of our summer. The smell was amazing…not I cannot smell anymore but in truth I forgot about the most amazing smell which the first rains bring along as the droplets fall from our skies.

I had forgotten about the smell but as I read posts from Facebook a friend of ours explained how wonderful the smell of the rain was. This was great for me as I read the post my mind created a picture of this and brought back a memory of the smell. It is amazing how our brain works even when it is broken it remembers the small bits and pieces of greatness in life.

Today is a Saturday and my wife is lying peacefully on the couch just chilling. For this reason I am happy. I am happy to be alive and strong.

Don’t forget to enjoy the small bits of life as they bring along the great memories which will stay with us forever and perhaps will bring happiness when we are broken or feeling down..

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