We Going Home

Grab Your Things I’m Going to Take You Home

There’s a saying; home is where the heart is.

This I know but I lost my home, I lost that feeling for a long time. Now I have it back I am going home. We are going home back to where it all started-Riverglades. Riverglades is where Ange and I first moved in together. This is where we found love, the love for each other. We were young and vibrant. That first love the first time I would wake up in our home and the love of my life would be fast asleep with a smile on her face right next to me in a warm place. The first time I would wake from a coma Ange was right there to welcome me back home.

Whilst I lay in a coma Ange used to talk gently to me as she spoke my emotions arose and my dear Ange saw something amazing, she saw a response, tears! Tears of longing and of hope started to run freely down my cheek.

This response was the reason Ange became the gate keeper. Ange did not leave my side she sat there quietly full of love and hope. Ange could feel me she could understand my feelings and when I was feeling down she let me rest. If a visitor would come to visit and if she felt I was not good she would deny them access to visit. This may seem hard on those that drove far just give their love and blessing. Now though Ange was the gate keeper she was the one that took care of me.

Soon my love we will be back home to the place where it all started we can live together once again just you and me. So now I say; grab your things I’m going to take you home.


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