Sing, Dance, Celebrate, Live

Sing, Dance, Celebrate, Live

Since my accident I see life in a different way. Yesterday my good friend Jeremy came to visit. Jem lives in Balito which is an amazing spot. If I get the opportunity to be in Balito I would love for us to sit with our wife’s at the coast and just have a glass of wine to celebrate a good friendship as we sit we enjoy the view wow so special. I cannot do that too soon but what a great surprise when Jem hooted at the gate. Wow I was so excited to see him.  I don’t need an amazing sunset at the coast to celebrate a good friendship. I don’t need an excuse to see or not to see a friend ooh sorry bud I know I was around the corner but, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Just rock up at my door and hoot I will be at home as I usually am I will come to the gate thinking what idiot hoots like that? Then I will see a great friend that took a bit of time out of his day or week or year just to visit and surprise me. Yesterday I groaned as I got up from where I sat to get outside and quieten whoever it was that was so noisy. Moments later I was taken aback I could not believe my eyes.

All I wanted to do now was celebrate this great moment as if it were my last, dance around like a crazy man and sing out of tune in the loudest voice I could. Jem and I hugged each other and we both had the greatest smile ever. The rest of the day went by too fast; Jem bought some goodies at spar for me spoke to Ange and then went on his way. Just like that my surprise was over when I woke up this morning I felt great and happy. I also felt the feelings of a boy I assume would feel as he sees a good buddy after a while and has to say goodbye. I was kind of heart broken. This morning his good buddy had left.

I know Jem will be back or perhaps I get a lucky break and can get down to see him in Balito I will then walk with my wife on the beach until we get to one of the many awesome spots where we will order a bottle of wine, sit down and enjoy the moment whilst waiting for Jem and Steff to meet us with a huge smile of excitement for a drink as the sun sets. Thank you Jem you are a good friend.



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