The Mind Shall Wander

The Mind Shall Wander

I have been at home a while now-over three years. Another Monday is about to wake, the birds have woken and the darkness is fading away. Soon now the hum of the highway shall become louder until it reaches its peak. As the day becomes brighter so the hum disappears for two reasons the first is that traffic now slows down for the rush of all is now grouped together and the darkness seems to carry the buzz further.

My Monday started many hours before the sun showed its brightness. This is just fine as I enjoy the mornings. Now though everyone has left the house and I find myself once again alone. What to do today? I do not generally have these what to do thought as I can keep myself busy all the time, I think it is a bit of OCD.

As I write my blog I find myself in a better place. My lonely mind has stopped wondering about the lonely hours ahead of me. I have also now completed the editing changes of my book. My two hundred and seventy page attempt is now down to two hundred and five pages. The friend of my dad is helping me edit my book.  Jerry laughs as he tells how I repeat myself. Repeat, repeat takeout said already seems to be most of his comments on the side pages. What can I say that is my brain injury forgetting what I have written on the previous page? I read the first couple of pages and I am quite impressed well I think Jerry could be right perhaps soon I will have a book. A book which could bring light for others that too have fallen to this most divesting injury as they read my words they may see themselves in that void which I was in. They will then put down the book at the end and say if he can then I can too.


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