Inside Bevan’s Brain

Bevan’s Brain

A while ago my good friend Jason and I were up to no good whilst we were up in Hoedspruit. We started a series of comical stories it all started when we were sitting and drinking I wanted to record our conversations as I thought one day we can re-listen to them and laugh and laugh. Jason then had a great idea he drew two face figures and we then started to record these on his cell phone. We called ourselves Spit and Gooi.

I now have a new idea I have carved a wood figure it is just a comical character but it is me that will tell stories of my life after my accident. I will tell stories of life and perhaps someone will take something out of this. I see life with new eyes now, fresh eyes. I can talk of how I understand daily little bits and pieces. If someone is offended by my stories I am sorry I do not mean to offend anyone but as many of you know I have no filter. I shall post this on my Facebook page and not directly to my blog as these stories will be just that stories they will mostly be in video. Who the fuck am I are just a bit of laughter with a lesson behind life…maybe, maybe not. Some of them could involve many swear words and just me talking about shit. Please remember if followed this is just a lighter side of me and life.

Enjoy TBI Powered-who the fuck am I.

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