It’s the Excitement

2am I am up and awake, not awake and up. There is a big difference; my daughter Cammy would say ‘Think about it’. Why would I be awake at two am as awake as can be ?To be honest I did initially think it was about five but when I heard no music from the trees I then knew yip it is early, very early but I felt amazingly great as I always do at this time of the morning.

Excitement that is why, I have just figured it out. I am excited to be up and awake each day is the same, up early with no sleep hangover.

Ange will be with me today she is not at work although I know in reality whilst I am evaluated for the first time of many in the next two months she will be on her computer sitting in the waiting room working away. Today is different there will be no Headway for me which is sad for I don’t get to see my good friends. This is just fine as my new life is taking a step in a good direction.

Why sleep when I can live although I do know we all need sleep but how much I ask? How much sleep is sufficient?  We can argue until the cows go to sleep but I think the rule of thumb is eight hours or so. There is a very clever Chinese man that says five hours is more than enough so I go with his logic- Let me see let’s say I live another forty years this would calculate to 43.800 hours I lose if I can save just three hours per night! That’s a lot…Fuck that I want to be awake for those hours besides I can hear the birds wake up one by one what a pleasure. They will eventually start to whisper amongst themselves, quietly talking of how I was up before them once again.

Think back to when you were all young, in the morning everyone will be up before the sun rises to drive down to Durban with your parents weren’t you all extremely excited? Well that’s how I feel every time I wake. What a privilege to be excited each and every time one rises. Oh there goes my reminder on my computer for the third time to work on my motivational talk (Which by the way is taken to the abyss ten seconds after it shows). Oh well I have plenty time to remember.

Another day in  the life of Bevan


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