Canoe Across the Atlantic Ocean…Okay

Five Thousand Kilometers

So I ask Ange;

‘Do you think I can row across the Atlantic Ocean?’

‘You can do whatever you put your mind to.’ Says Ange.

I have applied to canoe across the Atlantic Ocean with Riaan Manser on this epic journey he is calling it “The Odyssey 2018” this will be a first ever! Yowzer I sit her writing this post and think to myself am I crazy? Well I may have lost my marbles but I am certainly not crazy. I was asked to run the New York Marathon I said yes of course why not. Not realising that this is a 42km run and that I have never run more than 5km in my life so then why did I say yes.

Well the answer to this question is simple really. It’s a challenge to better my inner strength also an opportunity to strengthen my body which I really do need. Another reason-perhaps the most important is to show the world that TBI is just an injury and that those that now live with this injury are possible. So why not if I fail then I shall try again besides failure is nothing to be ashamed of. If I am chosen for this I shall not fail I will not fail, I can and I will I will because I want to.

I hope my fishing skills are up to scratch otherwise food may be a problem.

Watch this space, watch Riaan and I cross the Atlantic in a canoe.

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