Three Years Strong Today

Three Years Strong Today

Three years ago today possibly on the exact time I am writing this post I would be lying on the rough, warm road in the Lowveld. My body had been knocked pretty bad mostly though I suffered a blow to my brain. My new life had just begun, well for others my life was at an end as told to my wife from a man at the accident scene; he found my cell and managed to contact Ange. ‘Alive but unresponsive’ were those cold words which started a frantic mission to save Bevan.

Early this morning I walked to the Milpark hospital to thank the staff in the Oliver Tambo Trauma ward for the time they took to save me. I did not wake Ange I wanted her to sleep and be at peace. I did however not leave a note to tell her of my adventure. On my way there I get a call ‘Where are you babes!’ I tell her and say please don’t worry I am just fine-don’t worry Ange says three years ago today you were nearly dead and today you are gone! Oops.

I get back and take Angie out for an awesome lunch to celebrate life and to thank her for all she does and is doing for me. What an amazing day we have just to be able to celebrate life itself. I would just wish to tell all of you that will read my post to not forget that whatever situation you find yourself in all is just okay as you are alive and today is a great day to actually be alive. Remember to thank all those around you for just being them.

Enjoy life enjoy-your life do not cry about the small issues if you do you just miss out on the big parts ot life that is living itself.



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