Crying for Life

Crying for Life

Lying with my amazing Ange on the couch and comfortable, Ange suddenly tells me she is sad. Why I ask? Well babes it’s three years tomorrow. Huh what is three years tomorrow I ask? Your accident- tomorrow three years ago your body was broken and you lay quiet and cold moments from death. Now tomorrow we can spend another day together when I will not be the only one talking.

A great feeling overpowers me. Wow I say but skip past the details which are swirling around my mind. It’s only a date I say and then I try to move on. I try but in reality I am affected in a strange way, I am not sad as Ange is I am feeling grateful and strong. My dad helped me today with a few bucks now I know exactly what I will do with my new found fortune. I will take this amazing woman out for an awesome lunch, we will have an amazing day. I can because i am alive and I am alive because I want to be.

I cry when I am sad I cry harder when I am happy…so much harder and tomorrow I will cry many times. I will cry because this strong woman gave me life. I will cry for life.


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