Weird i Know but Think About it

How I Wish I Could Fly

We all have at least one wish that could never happen or become a reality. We also have dreams and thoughts which themselves will never materialise. I say never but who knows perhaps in another parallel universe they can and do take place. Astra traveling is a great example we have all heard about this form of travelling, I would assume similar to that of flying.

There are many strange and peculiar theories regarding the unknown. I do believe in the unknown I believe there are certain humans that have been given gifts and vision. Take Leonardo Da Vinci he was way, way before his time his mind unleashed visions which have only been recently discovered. Some of his theories and experiments I believe have been hidden or destroyed. 27/72… two and seven were the numbers Da Vinci was fascinated by, check out his works, paintings, arts etc. most of these have some sort of reference to those two numbers. Yes compliments of Discovery TV but still there are amazing facts creeping out through the woodwork. Science-carbon dating has solved and proven many historical events wrong. Is it possible that the truth is being kept from us?

Could we really fly? Where there is zero gravity I am sure we could or if we could eliminate gravity in certain areas then perhaps we could move a 3000 ton rock and place hundreds of them within half a millimetre together to form a pyramid. Fact; we cannot build a pyramid today using the same 3000 ton rocks with all the technology and equipment we have. So how were they built? Come on all you genius brains prove me wrong think about it. What actually happens after this life that we know of?

Perhaps we use the technology of today as we are reborn on another planet that is 300 million years younger than our earth and only certain people have the gift of the memory of today. I believe this.


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